My own “true” stories!

Actually I am very happy with my other WordPress Blogs but they mostly, further or duplicate my readings that I find interesting and like to share with others.

Now is it so that trying to write about what are your own thoughts requires real courage, skills and motivation which are things I lack of but trying is always a good idea even for oldies like me……

Maybe I should begin with writing about my recent experience of having had an operation (?!?!)  on my heart…. no, my aorta (to be excact) where a view “rings” were placed. Everything proceeded without bloodshed but as we say in Indonesia…. “canggih” that means “advanced technology” such as an e-opertion.

It seems that a process have taken place during a few decades in my aorta such as shown in this picture

Effect of High Cholesterol level
Effect of High Cholesterol level

Anyway I am now physically 3 rings (they call it  “stents”) richer but financially many million rups poorer. Because the retirement scheme that applied for me, as they say, did only cover for one ring….. I feel physically an “enlightment” because blood seems to flow with less obstructions (may be it ia also also a bit of a suggestion). See the following picture that I digged from a brochure where it shows the “stents”‘

Schematic picture of the stents
Schematic picture of the stents

However I try to follow the doctors prescription althou just recently I experienced that there are now (besides of God Almighty and my physician) some buraucrats who can decide about my welbeing through  permitting or denying certain medicines that are too expensive.

Thus on 4th of August 2011 the operation was successfully made by Dr. I. Ginting (Thanks a lot, Doc) and his team. Since I could hear everything that went on along me on the operation table,. I think they worked smoothly and in a coordinated manner, whils apparently the whole process was in the hands of Dr. I. Ginting. The first ring was positioned in about 5 minutes… This was mentioned by Dr. G….. “but now comes the more difficult part…” he said and, “by the way this is not covered by your pension funds”  Than I asked “How much, doc?” meaning how much do these other ring(s) cost. He asked his assistant and she (might have been looking at a book or a table and the Dr. Ginting said “so-and-so plus” meaning o-and-so more million rupiahs…….. Well what more could I say (because I was warned beforehand about the soaring costs of such operations. “OK, doc let’s do it!” “Yeah but I need another person to also confirm, your husband….we’ll look for him but in the mean time we’ll continue with the operation….”

OK Well done…. the whole circus (including the preparation took exactly two hours (that because the third ring kept trying to have it its own way instead of the doctors way. Now I think I must ask for the CD because the whole stunt is saved on a disk, maybe for nice memories at a later time. After I was released from the operation room I was wheeled to the ICCU for 24 hours and had to drink a lot of water…. and could eat something… Yeah I liked the Bubur Sumsum and kept drinking and drinking water because I want to get rid of all these dangerous chemicals that were injected in my body befoere and during the operation.

Back in my room I let myself into the care of the very proficient paramedics and they were all very friendly and caring. Below two pictures of my room with full entertainment.

My re RSPP (oom in th01)
My re RSPP (oom in th01)
My roomin the RSPP (02)
My roomin the RSPP (02)

Then I was able to check out (of course after clearing the hospital bill) I went home where preparations were on its way for Lebaran (this is the Indonesian name for Idul Fitri).

Saying that it also meant that part of the faithful servants were preparing for their trip home or “mudik” for at least 10 days. It also means that all the chores usually done by them has to be done by ourselves………

Since I have studied and lived a few years in Europe I knew what it means and my Jakarta house is conveniently structured and the kids lend a helping hand {?!?!),

Read further in my post About our LEBARAN 2011.


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