TRIP from Jakarta to KL, Singapore and back to Jakarta

So we, my husband and I, two oldies,  decided to enoiy ourselves a bit, and make a trip to  KL and then take a train from KL to Singapore to meet my son Rano who came from Toronto, and fly back to Jakarta.

Driven by Passion
Driven by Passion

Yes we were driven by passion, however we did not took a racecar but booked for a flight to KL thru the internet…. although I did it for the first time, it turned out to be not so complicated. We discussed it with my daughter who happened to be a “frequent AirAsia flyer”. She told me about the checkin procedure and instantly my son said: “You will see that Terminal 3 is much more comfortable and efficient than the other Sukarno Hatta Terminals’. Since we do fly relatively often to Manado and back, I was really anxious to see the difference .

Our driver new exactly the location and we said goodbye to him and to take good care.  It was early morning and we were nearly the first travellers to check in. My husband was not very successful in making the electronic checkin and we were assisited by the supervisor. I have been warned about the fact that Air Asia will be very ight on luggage weight and therefore we travelled lightly. Since both our small cases were 21 kg heavy, and that was 6 kg more than I booked for I decided to take the small roller as cabin luggage.

Because it was still early in the morning the tasteful modern reception hall was still empty, the number 3 on the post indicating the number of the terminal at the Soekarno hatta, jakarta Airport.

Reception hall
Reception hall

After we had coffee and some cakes  at a BCA lounge we got to the waiting lounge which was indeed veri nice looking and comfortable.

The very nice waiting room
The small suitcase I borrowed from my daughter

I also liked the colour combination of the furnture and the seats were designed for Asians because I ciuld lean properly. The next picturese shows another view of the waiting room.

My husband at the nice waiting lounge
My husband at the nice waiting lounge

The flight’s departure  was a bit late but the plane caught up time during the flight. My husband was able to buy a small lunch package from the stewardess anyway everything went well. In Malaysia we landed at a n airport apparently close toa place by the name of Sepang. The taxi drove relatively fast to the Hotel that we booke d some days beforehand and this hotel was located at Bukit Bintang a place which turned out to us was attracting many tourists.

In the evening we strolled around and found a lively crowd Bukit Bintang street music and entertainmen  at a corner entertained by some Malaysian music.d “Sentral

The next morning we had to check where the railway station is located since we intended to travel by rail to  Singapore on the following day. The satiion was called “Sentral” and next are some pictures of this station. It was a nice light building, all in aluminum structured as is nowadays fashionable. I remember the old central station which was elsewhere and that was old fashioned but had an oriental style.

SENTRAL Railway Station KL
SENTRAL Railway Station KL

Above picture shows the escalator to the “Medan Selera” or the foodcourt. In this foodcourt we had a simple Lunch at MEDAN SELERA

The Main hall of the station
The Main hall of the station

(Work in progress)


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