Thus it did indeed ALL started like this……..

Gerry's TAGAROA site (1996)
Gerry’s TAGAROA site (1996)

It started in  May 1998 when my husband who is a graduate from the Technische Hochschule AACHEN felt that he would like to spend his savings in something “for our old days”. With our nephew Harry who is an architect they made a little (!!!!) tour de Sulawesi starting from Makassar . Partly by air and partly by road they traveled around.. They of course did find many things. For instance in South Sulawesi (Bulukumba area) in Central Sulawesi (Poso area) and finally arrived in North Sulawesi namely at our modest house in Pineleng (somewhat outside of Manado).. Here they surveyed around a bit but apparently “did not find” anything suitable.

Sulawesi Island
Sulawesi Island

In retrospect I guess that my husband was inspired by a tour that we made in 1991 drifting along some islands in the Moluccas. ( I reported about it somewhere else). These islands are so beautiful and untouched that it looked as if you would like to invite everyone who loves nature to join and drift along with you. Therefore I guess he was dreaming of building once more (because in fact he has designed PINDITO  in 1992) a live aboard vessel…..

Anyway on 8 May 1998 (I know that date because it was on the pictures I made with a Sure Shot Cannon camera that I unfortunately lost a little time later) my cousins Hanni and Arini asked us to visit relatives in a village named Lemoh.

Rukun Ratulangi at Lemoh
Rukun Ratulangi at Lemoh

After having had a good lunch (as always in the Minahasa) Hanni suggested to join him and Arini to visit Gerry N.who is a friend of them. Gerry was at that time still married o Alfons L. who lived in Jakarta. We visited Gerry at THE place that time named TAGAROA. Gerry wanted to sell the place.

Gerry's TAGAROA (street side)
Gerry’s TAGAROA (street side)
Gerry's TAGOROA Sea Side
Gerry’s TAGOROA Sea Side
Gerry's TAGAROA sea side terrace
Gerry’s TAGAROA sea side terrace

LOVELY isn’t it

Gerry's friends snorkeling at TAGAROA
Gerry’s friends snorkeling at TAGAROA
Gerry and her junior guests
Gerry and her junior guests

This platform or terrace doesnot excist anymore…..

Hanni & Rini chatting with Gerry
Hanni & Rini chatting with Gerry

“You want to sell the place? Why???? It is soooo beautiful here!” She answered: “Yes it is beautiful……, but the people who work for me around here are not!”

Well in September that year the deal was made and my husband became to be the new owner. We made some adjustments to the (main) building and had additionally build a “family” house.

Our family house (1999)
Our family house (1999)

and also a “swimming ” pool:

30 June 1999 swimming pool with Dian-Dina family in it
30 June 1999 swimming pool with Dian-Dina family in it

It was a pity that in October 2002 Gerry’s beautiful jetty was totally destroyed.

Our jetty designed & build by Gerry
Our jetty designed & build by Gerry

As mentioned above it was destroyed by a storm in October 2002 according to information the same storm also destroyed the main jetty at Bunaken Island.

We also chenged the name from TAGAROA (The name of the god of the sea for melanesians) to MANGUNI (name for the wise bird, the messenger in the Minahasa).

Further on (because it is my hobby)  I made many videos that I’ll show you below:

WELLLLLLL, that was it guys from a dream to an obsession to a prayer for survival …… because we are not yet breaking even yet….. How long can we hold on? How long will it take to have enough customers to break even or do we have to sell our dream and perish with thr dream ? Both of us are soon 80 years young. Can we be strong enough to hold on ?  I hate it if I have to say someday: “It was worthwhile, anyway………”

No, my mother used to say to me: “Lani, je moet FLINK zijn!” (“Lani, you have to be STRONG!”)  “Yes, Mom, I will be strong”



Both Gerry and Arini are not with us anymore….. Gerry passed away in Jakarta (2005)  and Arini in Tomohon (2004).

AND………  my dear husband Ir. SUGANDI passed away two months ago, 30 December 2017…… and… “Life will go on and this whole world will keep on turning……..” Let Perry Como sing this nice old song:



51 thoughts on “Our MANGUNI TERRACE RESORT Obsession”

  1. Lieve Lani,
    Wat een mooi bericht. Dank je wel! Wat een prachtig resort! I hope to make it to travel next year (march) to Indonesia and this time to Molukken and Minahasa (to refresh contacts with friends). I am a low-cost traveller, but maybe I might be able to stay some nights in your resort. And if not, I hope to meet you for a cup of tea (maybe together with Meity). Lieve groet en selamat tidur. Gert-jan

  2. Allerbeste Gert-Jan, ja ik heb gisteren de hele dag aan mijn netbook gezeten en in mijn on-ordelijke files gewroet….. Ik ben blij dat er nog wat leesbaars uit gekomen is. En daarom zend ik je hierbij mijn hartelijke dank voor het lezen EN ook voor het comenteren (Is deze term juist?) Anyway’ kom eens aan en blijf een paar dagen, Eerst maar veel plezier in Maluku! Lani

    1. Terma kasih! Semoga semakin maju ke-PARIWISATA-an Manado dan sekitarnya…. Daerah kami Poopoh dsk kini dinamakan BUNAKEN SELATAN. Lagi pula direncanakan akan ada International Airport disebelah barat dari tempat kami….. tetapi masih agak lama.

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