More about TUMOU TOU

It was on August 1st last when at the time I was in Manado at our “Manguni” Mini Resort site that a friend, Dr. Jan Tinggogoy came visiting us. He brought a big bag with a box of cakes and a box of “Teh Kotak” with him.

Sitting in our resto between the “rimbu” and the beautiful Bay of Manado……

Manado Tua view
Manado Tua view

……. we discussed the situation of our country, especially the matters concerning the “Minahasa’. Then he stood up and went to his car that was parked in front of our place and came back with something small in his hands. It was apparently a flashdisk that he gave to me saying “You may copy what is in it”. I went to my room and choose three files and some picures (jpg).

I opened the two doc files and another presentation ile and uploaded it so YOU may have access to it.


TUMOU TOU Actualization

All about the book: TUMOU TOU

Thank you for your interest…….


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