The JANITA Descendants, Consolidation

The JANITA Descendants, Consolidation

On Thursday December 13th we had our first joint meeting: the descendants of Jan Nicolaas TAMBAJONG, late Regent of Tombasian, Minahasa.

After the introductory remarks of Tante Uki we had a review on the matter of the “Kintal LOPANA” and tried to recollect whatever each of us knew about the same.
Then Phillip Sigar proposed that for the next step towards finding a solution he would contact Tante Uki and have a more detailed exchange of information.
We made some pictures after the meeting. But unfortunately Adwin had to leave early and therefore was not on the pictures.

The pictures show among others our nephews and a niece of the Jan Nicholas Tambajong “dynasty” with their aunts. It also shows two old aunties showing their forefingers to add  more “soft power” to what ever they were saying (!?!?)………

Phillip, Roy, Tonny, Jimmy , Omar, T. Uki & aqu
T. Uki lagi menelunjuk…..
Ini ada Wido
Joey, Phillip, Roy, Tonny, Jimmy, Omar, T.Uki, dan aqu
Capek sebut nama2

Demikianlah foto2  dari TAMBAIONG clan yang terkonsolidasi !!!!

Hari ini 28 Sept 2017…..

Mengenai yang diatas aku sudah lupa tahunnya …….

tapi gapapa yang penting itu foto2 masih ada Omar ponakanku……. Beliau wafat tahun lalu nanti aku bikin postingan baru ….. Wah sudah lama ga tulis di WP (WordPress).


Lani Ratulangi




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