….and now it is January 22nd 2013…..

It is a long time since I composed the previous page. The reason is (among others) that I had to collect all photo’s before I want to start with telling about the development after August 1st 1949 when we laid down my father at the Toulimambot graveyard at the Gerungan family grave.


The day after the funeral we came to clean up the site and made a picture. The grave was later build by using the money collected by a committee from gifts of the community, it was very often visited by local people as well as by government officials, family and friends.


Click picture to see a video of 1997

Visitors had free access and schoolkids as well as officials could come and see Opa Sam Ratulangie’s grave:



In the mean time SAM RATULANGIE was given a Certificate as NATIONAL HERO by President SOEKARNO in 1958:


From many sources there came suggestions that SAM RATULANGIE, as being a National Hero, should be given a “better” or “more respectable” grave and the request was directed towards my mother. In a very polite tone she sent a letter to the (then) President of the Republic of Indonesia SUHARTO that she can not accept the proposed plan to move the remains of her husband to another location because her husband has told her that in case of his death he would like to be burried at his mothers side in Toulimambot.

Even despite her reluctance to give permission for the relocation people kept asking her for it. She persisted in her position NOT to give permission because she said she had PROMISED her husband to respect his last wish……..

In 1983 my mother passed away and was buried at her own family grave at LOPANA,  Amurang, N. Sulawesi.

After my mothers death, requests for the relocation were directed to my elder sister(s)…… Since my eldest sister is in Netherlands where she lives with her children and grandchildren, my sister Milly had to decide. She consulted her sisters that is me myself and my younger sister Uky. We said that we should respect our parents wish and leave the grave where it is.

However pressure became stronger and stronger and people said that since SAM RATULANGIE is a NATIONAL HERO, the family has not much to say anymore and the NATION c.q. the government has to decide.  In 1985 Milly, Lani & Uki gave in to the wish of the “government”……. A decision that I personally regret from the deepest of my heart. My eldest sister was stand fast in her opinion not to allow the relocation.

Anyway…… in 1985 we were invited to the BAPEDA in Manado  where a presentation of the planned relocation would be held.

 THE planned relocation of SAM RATULANGIEs GRAVE (1985)



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