It is the tradition of Indonesia that at the beginning of a project, when the site is going to be cleared and prepared a SELAMATAN, that is a ceremony where officially the project will be kick started. Sometimes at Java the head of a water buffalo is ceremonially buried.

I forgot the exact date but it was also in 1985. In the next pictures my sister Milly and I am laying the first stone(s)

Kakak saya Milly meletakkan batu pertama ………
Saya (Lani) meletakkan batu kedua

After that the Governor Bp. Guus Mantik gives the appropriate explanation about the what and why of the location.

Ketua BAPEDA, Ir. Remy Dendeng pegang model, Gubernur SULUT Bpk. Mantik menjelaskan.
Gubernur SULUT Bpk. Mantik memegang tablet dengan maket.

Technical explanations were also given.


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